Best Mini Fridge for Cosmetics: Review and Comparison – 2022

The 7 best cosmetic mini fridges of the moment

If you are looking for a beauty fridge or a mini fridge for cosmetics, you probably know that they are one of the beauty trends of the year for fans of masks and creams in everything gender. This type of fridge is very practical for storing creams, masks, and serums ( with vitamin C or retinol for example), especially when summer arrives. These devices prevent you from mixing your products with the food in your traditional fridge.

Another advantage is that the application of cold beauty products is recommended in itself. It is also useful if you want to store medicines that require cold storage.

Best mini fridge for cosmetics are still hard to find in physical stores, so we offer you a comparison of the portable mini fridge for cosmetics available on Amazon.

The 3 best-selling mini-fridges of the week on Amazon

AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Pink

AstroAI Mini Fridge 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Pink
Mini fridge for cosmetics

AstroAI mini cosmetic refrigerator

It’s a portable mini fridge for cosmetics with a compact design and a 50s retro touch. It’s one of the cheapest mini fridges in our fridge comparison and also one of the best-selling ones. A good choice for users looking for a safe bet.

What I like the most about this mini compact cream fridge is its small size and aesthetics. It blends into any room and does its job perfectly.

If you only want to store cosmetics, this product can be a perfect option as it is one of the smallest, prettiest and easiest to carry in beauty fridges without sacrificing quality.

Cooluli 20L Mini Fridge For Bedroom – Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room – Glass Front & Digital Temperature Control 

Cooluli 20L Mini Fridge For Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room - Glass Front & Digital Temperature Control 

Cooluli Portable Mini Fridge

It is a mini fridge with a beautiful vintage design in different colors to store your cosmetics in one of the latest models on the market.

This portable mini fridge was a real favorite for me. I encourage you to explore the rest of the colors, but I warn you that you will fall in love.

In addition, its 4-liter capacity and the support of a reputable brand are synonymous with a high-quality compact model, capable of meeting the highest expectations for this type of product. It has a “cold” mode and a “warm” mode (in case you want to use it in a different way).

If you are looking for the luxury version of this refrigerator, you can take a look at the CREATE Retro Fridge GOLD, with a gold finish, dimensions of 43 x 47.5 x 50.0 cm, and a capacity of 48 liters. It has a lot more capacity if you need something bigger and better looking.

AstroAI Mini Fridge, 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer Refrigerators for Skincare, Beverage

AstroAI Mini Fridge, 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer Refrigerators for Skincare, Beverage

AstroAI Cheap Mini Fridge

A portable fridge, eco-friendly, and easy-to-carry mini fridge with a retro design, available in several colors and two different sizes. You can see the 9-liter (newer) model or the smaller (more portable) 4-liter model here. It also features eco-friendly technology as it is one of the most modern models on the market.

Frigidaire EFMIS171-BLACK 6+1 Retro Mini Portable Personal Fridge/Cooler for Home

Frigidaire EFMIS171-BLACK 6+1 Retro Mini Portable Personal Fridge/Cooler for Home

Frigidaire EFMIS171-BLACK 6+1 Retro Mini Fridge

A portable mini fridge, easy to transport, available in several colors and 3 different sizes with a retro aesthetic.

This model has a more unisex and minimalist aesthetic in case you share it with a man. What I like the most is that you can choose between 3 sizes depending on your needs.

Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge for Bedroom – Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room – 12v Portable Cooler

Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge for Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room - 12v Portable Cooler

ICooluli 10L Mini Cosmetics Fridge

Perfect if you are looking for one of the larger capacity vintage mini fridges available in multiple colors. It is also one of the best-selling.

I confess that I love it too. How I enjoyed choosing these models! They are very pretty and it is easy to imagine one in a corner of the house.

It is one of the most high-end of the selection and a true bestseller.

Mini Fridge 6 Liter AC/DC Portable Beauty Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer for Skincare

Mini Fridge 6 Liter AC/DC Portable Beauty Fridge Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer for Skincare

COOSEON mini cosmetics fridge

It is a portable mini fridge with a minimalist design, with the added bonus of a front LED mirror, available in 2 sizes.

The best feature compared to other models is undoubtedly the LED mirror on the front and the possibility to choose between two sizes. If you prefer bigger, you have the YUTGMasst, with a capacity of 10 liters.

Cooluli 20L Mini Fridge For Bedroom – Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room

Cooluli 20L Mini Fridge For Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & College Dorm Room

Cooluli 20L Mini Fridge For Bedroom

If you are looking for a compact mini fridge for your room with a quality design and a larger capacity. It’s a bit off the mini size but it’s so pretty and compact that I couldn’t resist. Also, I wanted to come up with a larger model that could be perfect for example for a beauty salon or something more professional. If you prefer a model with a glass door, take a look at the Karstein Poplife.

Buying guide for Cosmetics mini fridges?

The different types of mini fridge

There are two main types of mini fridges. On one side are the smaller mini fridges (ex: mini USB fridge ).

You can only put 1 to 4 cans in it or a few snacks/chocolates. It is the most common because it is also the least expensive and they are easily transportable ( less than a kilo ). They can be connected by USB or plug.

It is a great birthday present because this mini refrigerator is affordable and can surprise all guests. Thanks to the sockets available at the front of the cigarette lighter, You can place it in a car.

The downside is that the refrigeration is less good than the other mini fridge, less food is stored, and its contents must be renewed relatively regularly.

On the other hand, there are larger mini fridges (e.g., mini-bar fridges). They are helpful for storing more bottles or food.

Professionals mainly use mini fridges because they are more expensive, but they allow you to store more things. They are also suitable for individuals because they keep all the advantages of a classic mini fridge, saving space, saving energy, and avoiding going back and forth.

These types of slightly larger mini fridges are found in hotels or bars.

These small fridges can store several large bottles without worries but are more cumbersome.

In summary, the first type is the “small” mini fridge, and the second is the large “mini fridge.” The first category can be transported and plugged in everywhere, and its price is between 30 and 90 euros.

The other category of mini fridges is larger; they have more storage space, are of better quality, are less transportable, and come at a higher price. Their price varies between 70 and 250 euros.

What about the mini-fridge?

Have you always wondered how your fridge works?

Well, here is a quick explanation of everything there is to know about it, the different cooling systems each have their disadvantages and their advantages so that you could better understand what criteria to focus on when buying. Of your mini fridge according to your desires and needs.

Mini compressor fridges

This system is widely used in so-called “standard” refrigerators and freezers thanks to its unparalleled efficiency.

Therefore, their efficiency is optimal, and it only takes a few hours to cool your favorite cold drinks.

On the other hand, this system tends to create a relatively annoying noise which can cause particular problems if, for example, you want to place your mini fridge in your room or in a room that is supposed to be quiet.

Peltier module mini fridges:

These so-called Peltier modules are also very effective for rapidly cooling the interior of a small fridge but can also, unlike other models, be used to heat the said contents, which can be very useful if you want to use your mini fridge for reheating or maintaining a drink such as coffee or hot chocolate.

In addition to killing two birds with one stone for temperatures, this system is quiet and, therefore, more comfortable for use in the bedroom.

On the other hand, it is more expensive in terms of energy, which pushes manufacturers to produce fridges with a much smaller capacity.

The cold absorption fridge

This model of mini fridge is known to be undoubtedly the quietest of all, which is a big positive point.

We sometimes hear about “zero noise” or “perfectly silent” mini fridges, so they are generally equipped with this “cold absorption” system.

On the other hand, this system is not the most effective in lowering the temperature and has limits. For example, it can hardly go below 10°C, which can be a problem for specific uses.

Here is our explanation of the main types of mini fridges available on the market. Here is a simplified summary of the explanation above:

Do you want a fridge that is forgotten?

Take a mini fridge with cold absorption; it makes no noise but will struggle to go below 10°C.

Do you want your fridge to be able to heat its contents too?

Take a mini fridge with Peltier system, it can do both cold and hot and will be very compact and therefore transportable by car for example.

Do you want an actual cold fridge with practical volume?

Take a mini compressor fridge, an over-efficient value, with a larger volume and lower temperatures, are perfect fridges.

Noise, an essential factor of the mini fridge?

Noise is a crucial factor when choosing your mini fridge. Indeed, if it is in your room, the noise can quickly become unpleasant.

It is, therefore, necessary to check the decibel emission of the mini refrigerator. However, if you want to buy a silent mini fridge, you will have to spend more on it.

If you don’t mind the noise, then the entry-level will suffice. The quietest fridges often use cold absorption.

That is the transmission of the cold inside the mini fridge. Otherwise, you can buy a mini compressor fridge, they are the quietest, allowing you to keep good refrigeration, and it is nevertheless more expensive than a classic mini fridge.

I advise you to refer to the reviews to see if the product is silent or not. For example, in our article Where to buy a mini coca cola fridge? (LINK) one of the buyers explains how he replaced the fan of the mini fridge to make it completely silent and at a lower cost.

In short, the more you put the price on it, the quieter the mini fridge will be. Compressor fridges are the quietest fridges. Nevertheless, the noise remains bearable for most mini fridges.

The space in your mini fridge?

Must consider the space of a mini fridge carefully. Everyone has different needs.

Some mini fridges have a reasonably low practical volume, just enough to put a can in them, unlike others which can accommodate several bottles or other things.

As you can imagine, the size of the mini fridge, its energy class, or net volume is often correlated with its selling price.

For example, a  small  USB fridge is practical because of the small size, it has lower energy consumption, but it can only contain a can, unlike a “big” 220v mini fridge which can be less economical but includes a higher capacity.

For these reasons, it is important to compare before buying your mini fridge; you can then choose between a class A mini bar, a  mini fridge with space for an ice cube tray, or an inexpensive model to bring you a coffee machine with.

As you can see, the choice is almost limitless, so we can say that you were pretty lucky to come across our great mini fridge price and feature comparator, which is good refrigeration.

The energy consumption of a mini fridge?

And now, one of the most essential criteria for knowing which mini fridge to buy is energy consumption; this may not seem very important but know that the temperature of a refrigerator can change from simple to double for the same energy consumption depending on the different models you choose.

If you want, you can, for example, spend a little more on the purchase to save money in the long term instead of just taking a cheap but inefficient mini fridge.

Also, note that on certain mini fridges which consume little, such as those connected to the mains, the energy class is not provided because it is negligible.

On the other hand, for the larger models which consume more, it must be indicated—the best being classes A  followed by class B etc.

Some mini fridges have, for example, a ventilated cold system which allows better air circulation and, therefore, cold in the appliance; some also have better insulation which makes it possible to retain the cold much more effectively, a little like a cooler.

Mini fridge for cosmetics: Why buy it?

What are the criteria for choosing your mini-fridge?

Each person will have different criteria for choosing their mini fridge. Price comes into play most of the time, of course, and that’s why we have made sure to select mid-range mini-fridges without putting quality aside.

As we specified in the introduction, the other criteria of choice turn on the storage capacity of the device according to the use you intend to make of it, the design according to your tastes, and the energy consumption in the year (knowing that the latter will depend in all cases on the use you make of the appliance and the level of cold you select), the noise emitted is also crucial of course, especially if you plan to use the fridge in a room where calm is necessary. Finally, the quality of refrigeration remains the primary goal sought here.

What are the different cooling systems?

To correctly choose your refrigerator, it is crucial to know the different cooling systems of mini refrigerators, which are as follows:

Mini compressor refrigerators: this is by far the most widespread system. It works using a compressor and a motor that cools the refrigerator enclosure. Faster to cool and more economical, this cooling system emits a little more noise when the device runs.

Absorption mini fridges: this cooling system works by absorbing the cold. It is a closed-circuit process, operating by distillation of a fluid that produces cold. Refrigerators equipped with this solution are quiet but do not allow optimal cooling (limited to 10°C). It is suitable for a mini-fridge located in a bedroom, for example.

What are the different types of mini fridges?

Portable mini-fridges are transportable models, and they are helpful for a car trip or the office and can be plugged into the cigarette lighter or a conventional power outlet. Very light, they have the Peltier cooling system and a small volume for a few cans, for example.

Mini-bar fridges are a model with a capacity of around 40 liters. They are used to store small quantities of drinks or goods, and they are found in particular in hotel rooms and a bar at home. Some appliances have a freezer compartment to store ice cubes.

Classic mini fridges: this appliance has the largest capacity (up to 90 liters). Above are tabletop refrigerators, and these models are prevalent among brands. The storage capacity allows it to be positioned in a bar, workshop, or for another function. Some may use it as a daily refrigerator, especially for living alone.

What size and what volume should you choose for a mini-fridge?

It is essential to distinguish the helpful volume, i.e., the interior space available for storing food and drinks. It will be essential to know the amount of storage of the device.

Size is essential in deciding how much space you have and how you plan to use it. The position of your electrical outlets can also influence your choice. It is also essential to provide 10cm of space on each side and at the back of the appliance, to let the refrigerator breathe and avoid overheating.

How to clean your fridge?

It is essential to clean your fridge and your mini-fridge about once or twice a month to avoid any development of bacteria such as salmonella or listeria.

For easy and ecological cleaning, you can start by filling a bowl half with slightly warm water and the other half with white vinegar. You can add a few drops of lemon to this mixture, and the latter is a disinfectant and allows you to flavor the mixture by reducing the potent smell of white vinegar. Then take a clean sponge and go through all the corners of your fridge or mini-fridge, and you can use an old toothbrush to get into those hard-to-reach places.

What are mini cosmetic coolers used for?

These portable mini beauty fridges are small refrigerators used to keep cosmetics (face creams, serums, eye creams, etc.) and makeup items cold to preserve and store in the makeup fridge. improve their qualities. Cold storage is particularly useful for components such as vitamin C, retinol, aloe vera, and eye creams and to reduce swelling in the legs, for example.

What are the benefits of using a fridge for your cosmetics?

Keeping certain cosmetics cold increases their effectiveness because cold is very useful as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant for the skin and the subcutaneous cell tissue. It is particularly useful for masks and serums, especially when dealing with half-used ampoules.

Does using a fridge to store beauty products increase their effectiveness?

Besides the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of cold, which are great for toning tissues, shrinking large pores, or lightening dark circles under the eyes, storing cosmetics in one of these mini fridges helps keep them fresh longer. by preventing bacterial growth.

Can I use one of these small fridges to store all my cosmetics?

No. It’s generally not recommended to cosmetic refrigerators containing oils or clays as they may be more difficult to apply.

I hope you enjoyed this selection. I think you have some good options to choose from or keep exploring. Thank you very much for reading me.

How does a mini fridge work?

If you have long believed that a mini-fridge is an appliance that produces a low temperature, you are wrong all along the line. Indeed, it does not create the cold, but it contains the heat to prevent it from spreading. For this purpose, the heart of a mini fridge is the refrigerant which is in the form of a gas. The latter is the main driver of the cooling process.
To do this, the gas will enter inside the evaporator and then travel through what is called a cooling circuit. During its journey, it vaporizes and thus eliminates all the heat that a food can produce. The latter will then be compressed to allow an increase in temperature.
Then, from the side of the condenser, the gas will be thrown outside and then will pass through the holder to greatly reduce the pressure of the refrigerant. And it is this process that will allow a considerable drop in temperature.

How to make a mini fridge?

Here are our tips for making your mini-fridge: you must first provide yourself with 3mm acrylic sheets, a cooling module, a relay module, an LED and its support, 1K resistor, rubber feet, rocker switch, 9 DC jack, foam panels, glue sticks, super glue, hinges, and rubber grip.
Once these parts are complete, now make sure you have the right tools such as a saw, spinning tool, soldering iron, glue gun, and workstation. The first step is to cut the acrylic sheets to a thickness of 4 mm and provide a location for the Peltier module. The acrylic sheets should then be painted white and punched for airflow. Then, glue the cooling unit in such a way as to ensure perfect insulation and install the separator.
Next comes the time to move on to the rear panel where the LED and switch should be placed. Depending on your needs, you will then place the compartments of the sliding tray. And don’t forget to provide another compartment for the electrical circuits. Be aware that a foam plate will better insulate your cold room. And finally, all you have to do is take care of the front door and integrate a temperature controller there if necessary.

How to defrost a mini fridge?

One of the ways that will allow you to maintain the performance of your mini fridge is to defrost it. To do this, bring a fairly large tea towel, towels and non-abrasive cleaning products. Next, you need to remove everything inside the device. Then clean the fridge and disconnect it from the mains.
To prevent odors from lingering, remember to open the door of your equipment and let it defrost overnight. And since water is sure to flow onto your floor, don’t forget to install the towel to prevent the water from damaging it. In the morning, remove the moisture and run hot soapy water through to clean the inside of the mini fridge. Then give it time to dry out well during the day, and once everything is dry, put your drinks back inside and plug it in.

How much does a mini fridge consume?

It is quite normal for you to want to know the energy consumption of a device you want to buy. However, as we announced in our buying guide, this is very variable and depends mainly on the model. To help you, rely on the energy indicated in Watts and given by the manufacturer.

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